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Be grafted on to the family of Christ!
by Sherry L Knight

The family of Christ

Family is like a tree, siblings the branches 
Branches grow in every direction yet always attached. 
What happens to the ones that get unattached. 
Do they always die? NO! 
Some, get grafted on to another tree, or branch 
Become another family, some get rooted by themselves. 
Lost, changed, altogether different forever changed. 
Some just decompose into the ground to become dead. 
Some, a Gardner, comes along and sees and says, 
Oh, poor branch got unattached, I will graft it back on. 
So, the gentle gardener does what he/she does 
And the branch is happily reunited with its family 
Once again, everything seems right with the world. 
Wouldn't it be grand if it could always be so Grand? 
Wouldn't it be grand if everyone could see they 
Need to be grafted back on to God! 
Just ask, Jesus to Graft him on to your heart and 
Ask him to live in your heart, you can then let Jesus, 
Become your gardener and caretaker in your life 
Be grafted on to the family of Christ!